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FAQ – Kokedama

Q: How long will my Kokedama last? A: It will last as long as you love it! As long as you keep it out of direct sunlight and wind in a bright spot and water weekly your new little friend will survive.

Q: How big will my Kokedama get? A: Because of the way the ball is wrapped and bound your Kokedama will grow similar to a Bonsai growing to the capacity of the pot (ball).

Q: If my Kokedama gets too big can I cut it? A: Yes you can cut off branches/leaves if they get too big. Make sure you cut it near a new shoot/branch so that it will continue to grow.

Q: Can I over water my Kokedama? Yes some plants do not like “wet feet” these include the peperomia, succulents, cacti and aloe.
FAQ – Cement Planters

Q: How long will my Cement Planter last? A: It will last as long as you love it! As long as it only gets a little morning sunlight, your new little friend will survive. Succulents, Aloe and Cacti do not need a lot of water to so only spray lightly every two weeks during summer and every 3 weeks during winter. If there is no hole in the base you do not want to over water as the plant will rot. Signs of rotting are sloppy leaves at the base of the plant – place the tree in a warm spot without watering and remove the rotten leaves.

Q: Can any plant go into a cement planter? A: YES! As long as you choose a plant with a small route system anything can go in the planters. Be careful to choose the correct soil to match your plant.

Q: Will the cement crack/break/chip if I drop it? A: YES.. you can lightly sand back any bumps/chips until smooth and rinse with water.